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 Alliance Flexi 7
Alliance Flexi 7 is a Discretionary Financing (DF) account that allows settlement of your outstanding purchase position in relation to a contract between the 4th market day following the contract date and the 7th market day following the contract date.

Features of Alliance Flexi 7:

Attractive Interest Rate Financing purchase from T + 4 to T + 7.
Higher trading limit for pledged collaterals.
Cash = Up to 3 times.
Collateralised Shares = Up to 2 times.
Minimum Fee Charges No processing fee. A DF fee of 0.3% of the contract value or minimum of RM10 will be levied.
Fast Approval Save time with hassle-free application and speedy approval for eligible clients.
Terms Only applicable for Ready Basis contracts.
Upon approval of a DF application, client is deemed to have given notification to AIBB to utilise the DF facility if the client fails to settle outstanding purchase by T + 3.
Force selling will be executed on T + 8.

  • Initial collateral must be sufficient to maintain a minimum limit of RM20,000.
  • Maintain a collateralised account and complete a DF application form.
* Terms and conditions apply.

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