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 Alliance Bank provides big business online banking tools to all SMEs
Kuala Lumpur, 9 October 2012 - Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad (“Alliance Bank”) today introduced the Alliance BizSmart Online Banking, the next generation of online banking facility for businesses.

“Small business owners often share with us their struggles, especially where mundane but necessary administrative functions are concerned. Currently, most Malaysian banks treat ‘sole proprietors’ as “consumers” and allow them access to only the Consumer Online Banking system, which lacks the advanced cash management tools essential for business. With the launch of Alliance BizSmart Online Banking, we are now the first Malaysian bank to avail big business banking tools to any SME business, regardless of their size, thus enabling business owners to do “less banking” and instead, focus on accelerating their business,” explained Sng Seow Wah, Group Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Bank.

The Alliance BizSmart Online Banking allows business owners more control over their company’s online banking facilities, enabling them to conduct their payroll and bulk payment more efficiently and with peace of mind.

“One of the more common fear in adopting online banking as part of the business operations is the possibility of compromised banking and financial information. To mitigate this, we have conducted extensive risk and compliance studies, and spoke to many online banking consultants and experts before deciding to invest in, and implement, the new Alliance BizSmart Online Banking system,” explained Victor Khor, Head of Group Transaction and Alternate Banking.

Alliance BizSmart Online Banking incorporates best-in-class security features via IdentityGuard, one of the most versatile authentication platforms in the market by Entrust Inc, whose solution is used by the likes of the U.S. Department of State, NASA and the U.K. Ministry of Defence.

This award-winning software authentication platform ensures that all transactions are encrypted with the latest 128-bit key encryption. Each transaction must be digitally-signed and given to the approved authorised administrator. This security solution addresses concerns of phishing, key logging, shoulder surfing and mitigates man-in-the-middle breaches.

”We have conducted extensive due diligence exercises and worked with the relevant regulatory bodies on stress-testing the solution thoroughly before its roll-out,” said Khor.

“We have put together a complete, integrated suite of banking services that address the transactional banking needs of business customers,” said Steve Miller, Head of Business Banking. “Termed the ‘More of You’ Bundle, it comprises the new BizSmart Online Banking facility, Business Current Account, BizXpress ATM Card and Business Platinum Credit Card. And, because we know that every sen counts especially for the SMEs, we are offering small businesses fee waivers on key transactions in the first 12 months for those who sign up for this service.”

As part of its preparedness exercise, Alliance Bank has also carried out nationwide training classes for its customer service staff on Alliance BizSmart to ensure relevant and effective support.

“Alliance BizSmart is the foundation of our business banking philosophy of ‘Leveraging on the Power of Smart Technology, Business Collaboration and Learning’,” explained Miller. Alliance BizSmart comprises of three key components, namely the Alliance BizSmart Online Banking, the Alliance BizSmart Community, and the soon-to-be-introduced Alliance BizSmart Academy.
“Alliance BizSmart is more than just a piece of technology, it is our 360-degree proposition on how we can help our customers accelerate their businesses from all aspects, in terms of business support, business networking, advisory, as well as formal and informal learning,” highlighted Miller.

In conjunction with the launch of Alliance BizSmart, Alliance Bank has also re-launched its corporate website, The refreshed website features updated new look-and-feel and intuitive navigational system, enabling it easier for the user to use the website to their advantage.

“Providing superior customer experience through our different touch points is important to us, be it via the Bank’s physical branch, mobile or Internet platform. We are now working hard to improve on all our touch points, to ensure that we deliver superior customer experience to all who use our services,” said Sng.

For more information about Alliance BizSmart or to experience its refreshed corporate website, please visit
Mr. Sng Seow Wah, Group CEO of Alliance Bank, at the official launch of Alliance BizSmart Online Banking.     Mr. Sng Seow Wah, Group CEO of Alliance Bank, with a couple of models during the official launch of Alliance BizSmart Online Banking.

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