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 Security Alert
Police Alert 
  • NEVER respond to any phone call / SMS / e-mail requesting your bank account details.
  • NEVER reveal your bank account details / ATM PIN / internet banking password to anyone.
  • NEVER follow instruction from any unknown party to do banking transactions or make changes to your bank account details.
  • NEVER be a victim of schemes that sound too good to be true.

Scam Alert

NEVER access the Alliance Bank's website from attachments or website links in any email. It may be a scam.

Alliance Bank would like to advise its customers and allianceonline users to be vigilant with their Personal Information whenever they receive emails requesting for verification of their account details.

Should you receive any phishing emails with URL attachments, please REFRAIN from clicking on the URLs and/or provide your personal information.

Customers who have received such email requests and may have disclosed such confidential information to a fraudulent website are advised to contact the Bank IMMEDIATELY.

To access the allianceonline login page, please visit the Bank's official website at http://www.alliancebank.com.my and click on the appropriate allianceonline login button.

"Phishing" is the creation of email messages and web pages that replicates existing legitimate sites of well-known companies and businesses. This is done by unscrupulous individuals/organisations to trick consumers into divulging personal financial information such as bank account numbers, Credit Card security details, ATM Personal Identification Numbers and other personal identifiers. The stolen data may be used to commit fraud.

Alliance Bank has many security and detection systems in place to enforce identity theft prevention, but prompt action by customers remains the first line of defense in helping us stop such illegal activities.

How to Identify a Phishing Website